MY GIRLFRIEND… Tales of a frustrated boyfriend – pt 2

by mckaybeedcfr

From hangouts, to late night talks, to movies, to lunch and dinner dates; the past few days have undoubtedly been my best thus far. I was practically glowing, I had better control of my anger and emotions, I was more responsible both home and abroad, I felt this manliness creep up from the inside of me, like it’s been waiting for some sort of activation or something; in a nutshell, I’ve been feeling good. The way she understands me so well, laughs to every of my jokes, makes gestures where and when neccesary, like there’s never a dull moment with her.

Let’s go to the studio for a photoshoot to celebrate our 2weeks dating anniversary“. Oh!! I didn’t tell y’all we started dating? Sorry!! my bad. Yeah, so we started dating 5days into our friendship; yea yea, that was fast I know but what was there to wait for? Neither of us were in any relationship at the time, we were into each other, liked one another’s company; I mean, what was left? And then she told me about the dream she had the night before we met and how she had asked God to show her a sign before the end of that particular day, and then considering the circumstances surrounding our meeting, she was convinced I was the man for her. So who am I to rewrite what God had written? 🤷‍♂️ So yes I popped the question, and she said yes; not like I was expecting a different answer though, but then, atleast it’s on record that there was a asking out, and a positive response. So, moving on…

Ofcourse I wasn’t comfortable with the whole studio idea; I mean, is it even neccesary? Like how ridiculous! So if I’m to upload the pictures on any of my social media platforms, what would be the caption?

Happy 2weeks dating anniversary to us… Knowing you for the past 14days has been the sweetest thing ever. Cheers 🥂 to more fruitful days/weeks/months/years of dating ❤️❤️❤️

Gosh!! I hated the whole idea, but you know that thing about being in a new relationship, how you’d have to act for the first few weeks that you have sense and/or you’re in agreement with whatever your partner suggests or whatever; Like that torment, that’s what I was going through for the 16th time. But then, love teaches us to make sacrifices for the greater good I suppose; so I dressed up and went to the studio with her. Well, there would also be times that I’d like us to do something that she’s not comfortable with, and I would appreciate if she obliges like I am at the moment; for the greater good. Because a Wiseman once said…

Fall for me I fall for you, nai dog play take De sweet..

Warri proverb
📸 Google

So we took whatever means of transport at our disposal to get to the agreed studio; we chose A2 studios situated at no. 20B Okumagba Avenue, Warri Delta state. I got there a bit later than agreed because I got caught up in traffic as it usually was on a Friday evening. On seeing her, she wasn’t looking happy, and when I tried to find out what the problem was, she insisted we talk after the shoot as she didn’t want to ruin the moment. We got into the studio and Mr. A2 did what he does best; like when I saw the raw unedited images, I didn’t regret agreeing to come for the shoot afterall.

As the pictures were being edited, I engaged her in a conversation, trying to find out why she wasn’t very cheerful when I saw her earlier on. She responded thus “I don’t know how long I can continue with this distant relationship thing; I feel the distance might put a strain on our relationship sooner or later”. My jaw dropped like that of a typical yoruba man wanting to exclaim Ah!!!

Ok, so we both reside at opposite extremes of town, but still within Warri and its environs, that it ordinarily would cost as much as N200 – N250 for one party to get to the other. Like in one of my previous relationships, we were in different Geo-political zones of Nigeria, and still found a way to make it work. Yea I know it didn’t work at last but the reason we broke up was nothing relating to the distance thing; which is why I was really surprised to be getting this from her. But then again, it’s a relationship, it’s not meant to be all rosy; moreover, it was ordained by God according to her dream and signs. I found a way to calm her down, talk to her and promised her we would find a way to sort it out eventually. We took our pictures and headed home that evening.

📸 Google

So my question is, how far apart should partners be for one to tag a relationship as distant? Please I need help..

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Numzy 29/09/2019 - 8:29 pm

You can live in the same house and the relationship can be distant if your hearts are far apart. You can live at the ends of different continent and yet be closer if yours hearts are connected.
Love breaks distance barrier. Love is patient.

A relationship is distant if their hearts are far apart.

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 8:54 pm

Las las I’d have to get a pen and jitter.
Thanks boss

Creestarbell 29/09/2019 - 8:34 pm

Distance is relative….it’s all about the hearts involved being connected…
Thanks for keeping us entertained
We await more from you…can’t wait to see what happens next…

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 8:52 pm

Hmmmm… That’s true tho
Thanks for stopping by ma’am

Faith 29/09/2019 - 8:44 pm

Amazing story I enjoyed it

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 8:51 pm

Thanks for stopping by ma

Spirimy 29/09/2019 - 9:01 pm

nice piece

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 10:59 pm

Thanks boss

Dr. Emma idise 29/09/2019 - 9:08 pm

It’s ok. It’s going well. Distance is a thing of the mind.

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 10:59 pm

Noted sir. Thanks

PAPPY OMADA 29/09/2019 - 9:28 pm

She say Distance 😂😂😂😂… What if una no dey the same country? 😅😅😅

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 10:59 pm

I tire o my brother 😂 😂

Rukkyvin 29/09/2019 - 10:02 pm

You were not really distant, probably your hearts were distant.

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 10:58 pm

My dear, hearts no distant anything jo… After how many days😂😂😂

Kare 29/09/2019 - 10:27 pm

This is serious something
I’m not sure it’s a physical distance.
It couldn’t have been a distance of the mind as well, cos you guys were both fond of each other as at that time.
I’m suspecting her main boyfriend just flew back from SA that morning and she just wanna use any excuse at all to free you.
She may just have been using you to pass time awaiting her boyfriend’s return.
You’ve entered o.

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 10:57 pm

😭😭😭I don’t want to believe that.
It can’t be. What about her dream and all?

Uchechukwu Agboje 29/09/2019 - 10:32 pm

Hello KB, I’ve just discovered your blog. Your writing style is so beautiful. Keep it up.
Very interesting story.
To answer your question, the girl neva know wetin she dey find. There is no distance there abeg. Except she’s codedly trying to ask to move into the guys apartment.

mckaybeedcfr 29/09/2019 - 10:57 pm

Thanks chief, I’m so elated to have you here
I tire for the girl o chief.. I’m just trying to keep my cool

Triumph 01/10/2019 - 9:51 pm

Wow. Love this Story.
Always enjoy your stories.
Reading this story brings back alot of memories.
BTW Waiting for next part.

mckaybeedcfr 01/10/2019 - 9:55 pm

Awwww. I’m glad you loved it
Me too I’m waiting to write the next part..

Triumph 01/10/2019 - 10:03 pm

Distance Leaning…..
There’s something she’s not telling us.
She no get house, it could be true that she is mami water and they have give her quit notice, so she want to come and stay with you
Senior Bros Don show, so you have to chill till he goes back.
Her heart has traveled out of the world, that’s why you are now far away.

Yunnique 02/10/2019 - 12:50 am

Hahahaha, I was as shocked as you were at the distance issue when I got to that part.. Great piece Man!! I guess much has been said on the distance matter and I quite agree.

Nk cells 26/10/2019 - 10:15 am

Heheheheheh….2 weeks anniversary, no be small thing……..and again, the distance is too much ahn ahn, make she just stroll reach ur house la, abi u people should just share a fence self….lol…babe no go kill me


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