Tales of a frustrated boyfriend – pt. 14

by mckaybeedcfr

Sitting and playing video game with another lady other than my lady was so weird. I mean, it’s not like she loves playing video games too, but then, this is me having another lady over at my place, at about 9pm, all in the name of playing video games. I felt like I was cheating on her already, like, if she happened to come over to the house unannounced and met Chioma, how would I explain myself? And to think that we haven’t even spoken about her before, which makes things even more complicated. Plus I know hanty, the first thing she will notice is the fact that see is wearing a ripped bum-short and a bra-less top. Mehn!! The thought of this alone made me jittery, and it was evident even in the game I was playing with Chioma, who had already overturned a 2-nil deficit in less than 15mins. Don’t get me wrong; that I was jittery doesn’t mean I was scared of her or something, but I was just thinking, if the tables were turned and I was the one who walks into a room and see my lady sitting with an unknown guy who’s just wearing boxers and singlet, what would my reaction be? Ofcourse it wasn’t going to be pleasant. So let’s just say, I was trying to be both sincere and realistic with myself.

what is good for the goose, they say is good for the gander…

Before this whole “missing in action” episode started, hanty and I had planned going on a mini-vacation somewhere outside town, as valentine’s day was fast approaching. We planned to spend the weekend lodged in any hotel with a serene atmosphere, and one that has swimming pool facilities; this was because hanty had promised to teach me how to swim. So yes, I can’t swim, I don’t know if what I feel can pass for ‘Aquaphobia’, but then, it is what it is! And it’s not as if I’ve not attempted learning how to swim in the past; I have actually, but the outcome wasn’t pleasant. I came out of the pool really blotted, and my urine was almost turning blue, owing to the amount of chlorinated water I’d gulped; well, maybe that’s an over-exaggeration but I’m sure you get my point. After that incident, the nights following were terrible for me; I kept having nightmares about drowning and mermaids. I’d wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely, and praying in languages that even I could not understand. I decided thereafter that anything related to a water-body up to my knee level, was a No-no for me; but there I was, putting all my hopes and trust in the hands of a woman, all in the name of LOVE. To be very honest, when she brought up the whole swimming idea, I was low-key scared, I even thought to myself, what if her intentions are not pure? I mean you never can be too sure these days.

The only thing that gave me so much joy about the BAEcation, was the fact that she mentioned we’d order for cake to go along with. She even suggested we order for 2, and I was like, how do you expect us to finish 2 cakes within 48hrs or so? like are you on a speed-lane to diabetes or something? That one first started a round of argument; she stated she’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared, as she does not want a situation where it will now look like the cake is not enough, bla bla bla. We however agreed to order for one. The next bout of argument ensued over which vendor we were to order from. This was supposed to be easy, or so I thought because i happen to know a handful of bakers within Warri and environs; however, my favorites has got to be CAZE CONFECTIONERIES and KAUNA_CAKES. Their cakes always have a way of reaching down to the deepest part of my heart; from the texture, to the taste, to the packaging, to their service delivery. I’ve never for once had an episode of ‘what I ordered VS what I got‘ with them, because what I order is always what I get and even more. They literally beat my imagination every single time; and to think that they are actually medical doctors who do this baking thing as a side hustle. Well, on this matter, I stood my ground; its either we order from either or both of them, or we scrap the whole cake thing altogether. Ofcourse, hanty concurred but not without grudges; I actually did not care, on other issues she could have her way, but not on this cake issue.

While I was drifting in thoughts, Chioma was busy whooping my ass in the game; but I didn’t care, it’s just a game after all. The only reason I would have been worried was if Precious was around to witness it; I wouldn’t have heard the last of it, that a lady beat me! But the God I serve who never sleeps nor slumber, made it happen when he wasn’t around to behold my downfall, and I wasn’t going to tell him about it for obvious reasons.

Thinking about the plans we had for the mini-vacation made me miss my lady the more. I suddenly felt the urge to reach out to her once again, so i excused myself, told Chioma to continue playing with a computer player, and walked into the bedroom with my phone. I typed a whole ‘epistle of a message’, stating how much I’ve missed her and how I was sorry for all my actions and in-actions. I literally poured out my heart in that 6-paged text message, which got delivered almost immediately. I laid back on my bed, holding my phone against my chest and checking it at intervals to see if she’d replied. I was really hoping to get a response because with all the many emotions embedded in that text, if I were to be the recipient, my heart would have melted and somehow pushed me to reply. Who knows? maybe she too was actually typing her own epistle, so i just needed to be more patient.

Knock! Knock!! For a moment, I wasn’t sure if that knock was on my door, so I continued in my sleep. The knock came again and this time, I had no option than to stand up and check who it was. I picked up my phone and realized the time was 6:30 am. I walked into the living room and saw Chioma sleeping soundly on the couch; she obviously fell asleep while still playing the game. I felt pity for her as to how uncomfortable it would have been for her spending the night in the couch. Well, I too had apparently fallen asleep while in the bedroom waiting for a reply to my text, and I figured she probably didn’t want to disturb me when she was ready to leave, so she just laid on the couch instead. I walked to the door and just before I could turn the knob, the knock came again, this time even Chioma had to awaken from her sleep, as she stood up from the couch. She had undone the zipper of her bum-short, probably to make her feel more comfortable while she was sleeping; this however exposed the upper part of her red panties and her waist beads became visible. Her hair was scruffy for whatever reason and there were two points protruding from both of her breasts, which i thought would be most likely her nipples. The sight of this actually made me a little uneasy, but then, there was nothing i could do about it. I mean, if I hadn’t fallen asleep while in the room, I would have been able to ensure she went back to her apartment to sleep comfortably.

I turned the door knob and opened it; Behold, there stood hanty wearing a beautiful smile on her face. In all honesty, I was shocked by her presence not just because she was the last person I expected to see at my door on that particular day, but also because it was still very early in the morning, plus she didn’t call or text me to herald her coming. I mean, we were still ‘technically’ excommunicado sort of, which made that smile of hers even more suspicious. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough time to properly examine the smile which had mysteriously disappeared. Apparently, she looked over my shoulders and saw Chioma standing behind me. “Eeeerm, come in, will you?” I said to her almost stuttering, as I made way for her to come in. She walked in, still gazing upon Chioma, who was still half-asleep, as she took her leave. She hugged me gently and left the room, shutting the door behind her, now leaving me alone with hanty in the living room. Well, I said to myself…

A clear conscience fears no accusation…

“Babe, I wasn’t actually expecting you, let alone this early in the morning” I said, now walking towards where she was standing, her hands akimbo. “Don’t even dare come close to me! Oh, so I am supposed to send you an official letter informing you that I am coming over right? I see! so that is why you were just waiting for us to have a little misunderstanding before bringing a slut into our house; I mean look at how she’s even dressed, she wasn’t even wearing a bra” she thundered, with her face looking like one who had just seen a pile of faeces. OK, so this was supposed to be the point where i correct her that this is actually ‘my house’ and not ‘our house’, but then, that would be very insensitive of me as there were more pressing issues to handle rather than stating whose house it is or is not. “Eeeerm! babe, she’s actually my neighbour that just moved in eeerrrrm… My attempt at explaining myself was cut short by her walk towards the door; She stormed out of the house and banged the door loudly behind her. The sound from the door left shivers running down my spine and the next thing I saw, I was on my bed sweating profusely; apparently it was a dream… Phew!!!

Ope ooo!!!!

I picked up my phone to check what time it was; 6:45 am. Still, there was no message from my lady. I quickly went into the living room and met Chioma lying on the couch, looking exactly the way I saw her in my dream. I gently woke her up to go to her room, before my dream eventually becomes a reality; you never can tell you know.


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Omotosho Victor 08/06/2020 - 7:41 pm

Nice write-up brother, but you’re keeping us waiting for too long 😐

Rukkyvin 08/06/2020 - 8:05 pm

Lol! I no gree for this episode 🤣 Ojoro oooooo

Emmanuel 08/06/2020 - 8:48 pm

Hahaha…my guy has fainted already in his dreamz

Tobi 08/06/2020 - 10:22 pm

Dear brother, dreams come true. Please open the door, let’s see

Mirabel Adams 09/06/2020 - 5:31 am

Handy would have caught u naaaa


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