Tales of a frustrated boyfriend – pt. 17

by mckaybeedcfr

You know there’s this sort of comfort that comes with having someone to share in your pain and time of despair – like having someone you can be all vulnerable with, weep like a baby, with all those slimy secretions running down your nostrils almost into your mouth, and then you sniff in an attempt to drag them back up, and you’re not even bothered because at that time that’s the least of your problems; yeah, that was the state my lady was in. My lady was actually weeping and messing up my shirt with her tears and nasal secretions; thankfully she was not wearing makeup, but what difference does it make? I had exhausted the roll of tissue that was initially with her, but couldn’t get myself to break from the comforting hug to go get more tissue, so I resolved to be cleaning her face with my shirt at intervals…

Things we do for love…

“Babe I’m coming let me get the door” I said, seeking permission to break away from the hug. “Don’t leave me!!!” she replied, still sobbing. “I’ll be back soon dear, I won’t take long” I said patting her on the back and stroking her hair. She reluctantly let go and laid back on the bed as I made my way to the living room.

I wonder why this girl is coming to knock on my door, I thought to myself. What could she possibly want? I opened my door expecting to see Chioma, only to find a fellow XY species standing tall before me. “Yes?” I said with my door half-open. “yeah, good afternoon, my name is Damian” he said. “Okaaaaaaay” I answered. “Uhhhhhm, sorry to bother you but I saw you walk down the street a moment ago with a young lady; I figured you both walked in here, so I followed you guys as soon I was done with what I was buying. I suppose you know who I’m talking about – fair, curvy lady like this”… At this point, he was trying to use his hands to describe Chioma’s shape. “Ofcourse I know who you’re talking about, but I don’t know you. Does she know you? Like have you guys met or something?”… I honestly do not know why I was probing the guy further. No I wasn’t jealous or anything, but I wouldn’t just tell a total stranger about my neighbour’s whereabouts; I mean, for security reasons. I needed to be sure it was safe, not like I was some sort of detective or something but atleast. “No we haven’t met before, as a matter of fact, I’m just seeing her for the first time today and I just want to have a conversation with her, that’s all… I mean no harm”. He had his hands in the air like someone waiting to be frisked by a police officer. I paused for a moment, and something told me on the inside that he was actually harmless. Pointing to Chioma’s flat, I said “There, just knock on the door; and GOODLUCK!”. He smiled and nodded in appreciation as he turned towards Chioma’s flat. I stood for a while, wishing I could watch how their meeting would unfold, but then remembered my lady was probably waiting for me to return back to her arms, where I belonged😊. I quickly locked the door and went back to the bedroom, but my lady was already in the bathroom. I called out to her to be sure she was fine; Ofcourse she was. I wouldn’t want her to meet me in the room by the time she’s  done bathing, so I left for the living room; luckily, there was light for me to keep myself busy with the TV.

The much anticipated weekend was here already, even though it didn’t begin the way I expected it would, but then, at least we still had the remaining hours of Saturday and the whole of Sunday to make good memories. I’d already said I’ll ask her to stay till Monday morning before she leaves, but that will depend on how today and tomorrow would be like actually. If it turns out to be good, like if we are still able to have fun and make the best of it, then I’d ask her to stay till monday; but if we don’t vibe that well, which is expected considering the fact that she’s mourning, then she’d leave by Sunday evening – we could actually reschedule if push comes to shove. “Babe are you there?” my lady called out to me from the bedroom. “Yes I am, do you need me to get something for you?” I replied. “Nah, just wanted to be sure you were there”… Looks like someone’s missing me o😋. “Join me when you’re done dear” I said to her.

For a moment I thought I heard footsteps approaching my door, but instead heard the sound of our compound gate opening and closing. That must be the Damian guy I said to myself; I hope their meeting went well, well!! That’s none of my business. My line of thoughts was however cut short by a loud bang on my door. Ah ah!! Who is this again? Who is this person knocking as though they were paying my rent? Before I could make my way from the couch to the door, the knock came again; didn’t know when I yelled “Who’s that?” I opened the door furiously, only to see Chioma standing there, one of her hands was pressing against her waist, while the other against the wall beside my door. “Just tell me why you’d be so insensitive to show a total stranger where I live… What if he was a kidnapper or something? What if he came to harm me? Like, why couldn’t you call me first or something before allowing someone to come invade my privacy? I mean, I expected more from you honestly, you being a guy should know and do better”… Still in awe of how she talked to me, I mean, I was wondering what gave her the effrontery to talk to me in that manner – I quietly shut the door behind me so my lady wouldn’t be disturbed. “Now listen to me young lady!” (Honestly, for a moment I felt like the legendary Pete Edochie trying to inculcate some typical African culture into someone)… “firstofhust! You have to bridle your tongue; you better watch the way you talk to me – you can’t just come banging on my door and talking to me as though I was some sort of puppet or something. What did you expect me to do? Call you while he was standing right in front of me? To say what exactly? ‘Hello, there’s this guy looking for you, can I show him your apartment’… Shey I’m your receptionist abi”… I was still venting when my door opened behind me

“What’s going on here? I could hear your voice from the bedroom, hope all is well?” my lady asked. “Oh! You didn’t tell me your sister was around” Chioma said. In my mind I was like, can this one just keep quiet for God’s sake… “All is well babe; it’s just my neighbor and I having a little misunderstanding, but it’s nothing you should worry about dear” I said. “And oh! Where are my manners?” I turned to Chioma; “Chioma meet my lady! babe, meet Chioma. She is a Corp member and currently staying at my landlord’s; I think she moved in last weekend or so” I said, again turning towards Chioma. “Hi, I’m so sorry, I actually saw you the last time you came and I thought you were his sister; and this bighead here did not even bother to tell me you were his girlfriend” she said staring at me. I was like 🤦‍♂️ this one is just having verbal diarrhea. “Well, let me leave you guys to, you know! Have a good time; and you, don’t think I’ve forgotten, we’ll continue our quarrel when she leaves. Bye!!”. She waved, and hanty managed a very weak smile. I was just standing there with my head down; I knew there was going to be trouble in the nearest future.

Why are you still standing there? Do you want to follow her to continue the quarrel?

It was 2:15 pm and my weekend spree was starting on a very wonderful note I must say…

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Kreestarbell 02/08/2020 - 9:23 pm

Chioma should be slapped ah swear!

Tega 03/08/2020 - 8:10 pm

Kudos,Next one pls

Kessy 04/08/2020 - 10:51 am

Hahaha hahaha hahahahahahaha…. She was having verbal diarrhea and you, my friend will soon have selective aphasia. Kudos Kaybee✊

Oyinwola Oyindolapo Aramide 04/08/2020 - 4:18 pm

First time reading this,and it sure captivate so well..kudos…can’t wait to read more of this and even the previous ones….

Tobi 04/08/2020 - 11:13 pm

Kai. I always advice myself to wait for the next episode so that I can read 2 episodes at once. Nah lie. He has done it again. He left me hanging. Keep up the good work

De-Posh 10/08/2020 - 12:47 pm

You don start with this ur suspense again…..but this Chioma ehn……hmmm!


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