Tales of a frustrated boyfriend – pt. 21

by mckaybeedcfr

The way hanty was so cultured and loving all through the conversation, made me for a minute, forget all her wrong doings hitherto. I suddenly remembered the sweet beautiful lady I fell in love with. The call that was just meant to arrange for a meeting later that evening, ended up lasting more than 15mins; we even had to switch to Whatsapp because I suddenly started missing her and wanted to see her on video. Those butterflies I had in my stomach the very first day we spoke inside keke, yeah, they returned. I felt this sugar rush down my spine, when she called me on video, wearing a crop top and bumshort, serenading me with all shades of beautiful smiles and gestures. Omo! The feeling was surreal. Whether it was a trap, voodoo or juju she used on me at that point o, I didn’t care; all I could think of was that I loved her, and still do love her as much as I did when we just met. The way we laughed and giggled endlessly over the phone, I couldn’t wait to see her, hug her and squeeze her tight.

We’d arranged to meet at a very notable restaurant in town, one not too big, but atleast sells good food. She was initially suggesting we meet at the mall, but I frowned at it – too much crowd and noise. After dropping the call, the thoughts of her, overwhelmingly filled my my mind, I didn’t even remember that Chioma was mysteriously pregnant, nor did I think of the fact that Precious was about asking someone to marry him and the possibility of that person being anybody… I just wanted to be with my lady. I contemplated calling off the date and rather inviting her over to the house, so we’d have more ‘alone time’, gist more and probably do homemade delicacies; but decided to just do the hanging out. Atleast the whole different environment thing would add some more flavor to the outing, so I thought. Mehn!!! I haven’t been this excited in a while, plus I had so much energy; I cleaned and arranged my house in record time, dancing and Vibing to different Naija pop music… If someone had walked in on me in that mood, it would have been difficult to convince them that I wasn’t on any drug, and that it was a woman that made me that hyper😂😂😂

Hard man! Hard man! Na small ‘hello my world’ nai Don turn me to mumu so

Yaray mumu man!!!

Precious called me, while I was still in my ecstatic mood. “Hey yo! What’s up dude?” was my response to his Oboy how far. ‘Ah ah! Shey you Don drink abi smoke ni? Wetin DE make you happy like this? Abi no be the you wey I see this morning?‘ Guys! my response had to be one of the most stupid things I’ve ever had to let out of my mouth since like I can remember. I practically said gibberish, just speaking big big Grammer that didn’t make sense. He however interrupted me by saying he didn’t call me to listen to the rubbish I was saying, as he needed my help in planning the surprise engagement party. I was still being all not serious until he mentioned that he wanted to get everything in place before his fiancé to be returns, as she was out of town at the moment. Now that struck a chord in me, because it further supported my suspicion of Chioma being the so called fiancé to be. My heart quickly skipped a beat, for reasons I couldn’t explain. I actually didn’t know why I was getting disturbed about the Precious/Chioma possibility; it probably would feel very awkward in my opinion. So I guess my uneasy feeling was actually not me being jealous, but me trying to imagine the possibility and seeing how awkward my relationship with both of them would be if that happened. But to be honest, at that point, I cared less. Plus I didn’t get the point why he was asking me for tips on proper planning of an engagement party, as though I’d been engaged before, or I was some sort of event planner or something. Mtcheeeeew!!! I Sha told him that it’s not something we’d discuss over the phone; and he was like yeah, he just wanted to pre-inform me, as the thoughts flooded his mind since he left my house. I ended the call, waited a little while before preparing for my exquisite date with the love of my life 😍

I was still playing songs via my music box, which I’d brought to the room as I entered the bathroom to have my bath. I had brought out what I wanted to wear and laid them on the bed; I wanted to look corporate or something close at least. A black pair of trousers, a white long-sleeved shirt which I planned on rolling up the sleeves, an oxblood suspender and my black brouges. I’d initially wanted to wear a white pair of socks, but thought that would be too Michael Jackson-ish, So I decided black would be just fine.

You can never go wrong with black you know.

I was still brushing my teeth when Fireboy DML’s ‘New York city girl’ started playing. Come and see me emoting and performing the song as though she was right before me. Omo! Love is sweet sha😂😂😂. All the forces of nature were in tandem with how I felt that evening; the weather was cozy, the keke I boarded was playing cool jamz too, even when I entered the restaurant, they were playing BEGINNING by Joeboy. I was just smiling from ear to ear.

We had initially agreed to meet by 4:30pm at the restaurant, but I wanted to be a gentleman, so I got there 10mins earlier, picked a table for 2 at a very nice location, such that I’d be able to see when she walks in, so I could adore her in all her essence. The waiter walked up to me to take my order; I wanted to tell him not to worry since the sponsor of the outing wasn’t around yet, but I felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to just sit there without taking something, so I asked for a bottle of water, atleast drinking water even when we are not thirsty is good for our health – so health experts say.

I’ve even heard that drinking a lot of water helps your kidneys and by far reduces the chances of coming down with kidney issues. So DRINK SOME WATER TODAY…

I messaged her, to atleast let her know I’ve arrived, and waiting for her. “Hey babe! I’m here already, and can’t wait to see you”.. And for the first time in a long while, she responded to my message almost immediately; “Same here, I’m about 5mins away. Xoxo”. Reading her message, there was this warm rush of blood through my system, my cheeks suddenly became warm and I didn’t even know when I let out the expression, Awwwwwn! Smiling. Honestly, at this point I’d forgotten all that had gone down before now; I was willing to give us a fresh start, Ofcourse if she felt same way.

I was still vibing to the beautiful jamz from the restaurant’s sound system, when my lady walked in about 7mins after her message. Damn! She looked like a goddess. She wore a beautiful red dress that stopped a little below her knees, with a nude colored heels, long flowing hair which she flicked from side to side at intervals, with a very moderate makeup. In all sincerity, the only reason I didn’t propose to her at that moment was because I didn’t have a ring; because the atmosphere was just right. The sound system was playing ‘Majesty’ by Peruzzi at the time, after which they played ‘Onyeka’ by Burnaboy; I swear I would have bent the knee. Being the gentleman that I am, I stood up, went across my table where her seat was, hugged her and drew out the seat for her to be comfortably seated. And lest I forget, my lady wears the nicest perfumes; the whole ambience of the restaurant changed the moment she stepped in, like almost everyone she passed turned to take a Second look, and I couldn’t be more proud.

“You look stunning today dear” I said to her, while signaling the waiter to come take our orders. “you aren’t looking bad yourself” she said, winking alongside. “I know right”. The waiter arrived, took our orders and in no time returned with our meals. We spent the whole time, chatting over our meals, talking about random stuffs like, Secondary school memories, past relationships, a little gossips here and there; and in about 20mins, we were done eating, but still continued our conversation. Only that this time, we were thumbing our phones while at it. The waiter came back with our bill, standing between us and waiting for either of us to call for it. I had my face buried in my phone at the time and didn’t even notice his presence, just to raise my head and see hanty waving him to come to me with the bill.

For a moment I was lost; all the lovey-dovey vibes suddenly vanished. I was like, “I don’t get it! I thought this was an outing for you to make things up to me, and I’m also meant to pay?” She shrugged her shoulders and said the most annoying words I’ve ever heard from her mouth: “You’re the man naw!” like what the heck? 😡 😡 😡 I was so infuriated, stood up, asked the waiter for my own bill; he was reluctant at first to split the bills, but seeing and hearing what happened, he had no choice. I paid my bill and stormed out of the restaurant…

What happened to GENDER EQUALITY???

Just when I thought things were going on well

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Tobi 26/06/2021 - 9:27 pm

Hanty has finished her own drama. Boyfriend is starting his own. Las las may family meeting go solve this relationship

mckaybeedcfr 26/06/2021 - 9:29 pm

She started it first na… 😂 😂 😂

David 27/06/2021 - 6:23 am

I Love ❤️ this …
Thanks for such an Amazing write up. Thanks

mckaybeedcfr 27/06/2021 - 7:23 am

Thank you chief..

Ezisere stephen 27/06/2021 - 7:09 am

Ah ah ah ah…. You stormed out? Una just switch from the whole “lovers mood” to something else. This una relationship when dey get mood swing so hahahaha, na bipolar o
Who go settle this one now?
Even precious cannot help you o

mckaybeedcfr 27/06/2021 - 7:23 am

Chief… I don’t like what I hate, and you can’t play a smart one on me

Jerrybonze 27/06/2021 - 8:48 am

The gentle man in u disappear 😅😅

mckaybeedcfr 27/06/2021 - 9:13 am

You know this!!!

Kessy 27/06/2021 - 1:55 pm

Wawu.. Hahaha.. Huncle, be calming down. Hahaha. But this hanty sef, we go flog her soon. Na really “you are the man naw”..hahaha

Well done Kaybee. Excellent!!

mckaybeedcfr 07/07/2021 - 3:01 pm

Me I’m Sha a pro-gender equalist…
Thanks Kessy for stopping by

De~Posh 07/07/2021 - 2:50 pm

Hanty just made u sqitch from 100 – 0 nananah
Sorry o😃

mckaybeedcfr 07/07/2021 - 3:01 pm

I off
Thank you o jare

Rukkyvin 12/07/2021 - 11:21 pm

My guyy na once you remember gender equality oo.. At least get angry too…. I support you bro

mckaybeedcfr 13/07/2021 - 2:07 pm

Thank you… For your support 😂😂😂


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